You, Patrik, create ripples in the fabric of the world. You touched me deeply. It feels there is nothing deeper than living a values-driven life. After these 4 days, I understand why.

– Lia Pavelescu, IBM, Romania

A sincere well done for everything. You took a complex, rich and detailed subject and turned it into a three-day immense experience.

– John Campbell, Senior CTT-Trainer and Coach, UK

 You bring such heart and creativity to the course and open a learning space where students engage naturally and deeply. It was a joy to see you at work. 

– Phil Clothier, Barrett Values Centre, UK

 Every coach should participate and know this work – they are going to add a lot to all the work they can achieve in their career as a coach. 

– Vania Faria Sutherberry, CEO & Founder Evoluçao Humana, Brazil

 I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for coaching me. The session was incredible and … it feels like the struggles make sense and pieces of the jigsaw are slotting in. I felt very clear and uplifted after we chatted and noticed clarity pervading my day. 

– Sarah Brown, UK

 I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for the experience I had last week. I felt on the course excited as a child in a candy shop. I couldn’t get enough of it. Mostly I learned from you, the value of true humility and mastery. 

– Suki Laniado Smith, partner Shirlaws Group UK

 The program was an incredibly useful personal learning journey for me. This came about through the coaching provided during the course of the 3 days which was invaluable to me in my leadership role. 

– Gaby Pimstone, Head of Organization Development, Nedbank, South Africa

 The amount of extra material and gadgets you bring to the training is mind-blowing. It is your trademark and one of the things that makes your trainings so special and fun. 

– Tor Eneroth, Network Director, Barrett Values Centre, Sweden

 Last year I followed the course. This year I felt the course. Tomorrow I will live the course. 

– John Hermans, Director Growin, Belgium

 Patrik as trainer is living his life purpose and passion. His willingness to share his own experiences, his openness, his absolute and total knowledge of the material made me feel I was in the flow all the time. 

– Christopher Weber-Fürst, Strategic Futurist and Executive Coach, Germany

 My major learning on this course has been a lot of insights and discoveries around mastery. How do we go from knowing things to actually using these things and having them in a way that we even start to represent them? 

– Monika Gutscher, CEO & Founder Lovecom, Switzerland

 I know this has been a milestone for me in this life. At some moments, it was confronting to see how much pain guilt I was carrying with me, but the loving group has been very supportive and encouraging for me to open myself to this wonderful experience. 

– Kurt Luyckx, Mercurius Advice, Belgium


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