Evolutionary coaching

Evolutionary Coaching is a Personal Mastery Class for Leaders and Coaches, a three-day CTT accreditation program for values assessments for personal transformation for individuals and leaders.

Evolutionary coaching

Evolutionary coaching is different from other coaching because of the values-based approach within a new psychological framework.
 We grow in stages of psychological development, we operate at levels of consciousness and we live inside cultural world views. Primary motivations tell you what stage of psychological development you have reached. Secondary motivations tell you what is blocking you, what conscious and subconscious unmet needs you have and how they hold you back from finding your purpose and living your potential. Evolutionary Coaching is about human emergence, about the impact of basic/growth needs dynamics on personal growth and mastering your life.

How to make your life the best life to live? How to be the best leader you can be for the world?

ICF Approved Program

The Personal Mastery Class Evolutionary Coaching is approved by the International Coach Federation for 24 CCE Units: 10 hours Core Competencies and 14 hours Resource Development.

Why Evolutionary Coaching?

To have a personal in-depth experience of the transformation you want to realize in your personal and professional life. To bridge the gap between achievement and fulfilment, by liberating yourself from fear-based energy and dysfunctional behavior. To expand coaching Cultures with values as a diagnostic tool.

Inspiring leadershipAll leaders can hold a space of growth and evolution. This space grows with the personal evolution of the leader.

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