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Inspiring leaders to evolve – People to flourish – Organizations to thrive

Inspiring leaders to evolve
People to flourish
Organizations to thrive

The highlight of the course was Patrik's delivery and calm, soothing tone of voice, which was perfect for setting the right tone for stimulation, thought and reflection. He was in tune with the group and gave us the opportunity to consider how we could practically take the transformation work forward in our organisation.

Virtual course participant, local government organisation, April 2020

As a systemic coach and facilitator, it is my intention and invitation:

- to connect with imaginal leaders who see beyond the new normal in the old paradigm,
- to collaborate and navigate as yet uncharted territory in a changed world of potentiality,
- to contribute to personal and collective well-being and a culture of shared prosperity.

With a systemic approach and focus on self-mastery and whole system alignment,
I create and hold a space for conscious personal and collective evolution, from the inside out.

Patrik Somers, May 2020

Evolutionary Leadership Coaching

What is Evolutionary Leadership Coaching?

The number one behaviour of the best leaders in Google’s Project Oxygen research study is: ‘be a good coach’. Project Aristotle found that the #1 secret of effective teams is psychological safety. Barrett Values Centre found the #1 requested leadership value is coaching/mentoring. Gallup found that great leaders have ‘frequent, meaningful conversations … and employees want their leaders to be coaches, not bosses’.

With this new type of leadership in mind I offer a program that introduces a framework of values and consciousness for inner leadership alignment. Coaches can also learn how to support leaders using the methodology taught in the program. The inner process of personal transformation supports emerging and experienced leaders to become highly effective and inspiring leader-coaches.

Whole System Alignment

Whole System Alignment for Cultural Transformation

Culture is about the quality of relationships in any system. Healthy cultures are trust-based and create connection and collaboration. Toxic cultures are fear-based and create separation, frustration and dysfunctional behavior. A shift in culture is the result of the mind shift of people, leaders first. The so-called ‘soft’ skills have a collective impact on Strategy, Operations, Finance and Targets.

Working together, we explore how to create a healthier values-driven culture in teams and organizations and contribute to a paradigm shift from fear to trust, and how to keep the business dynamics in balance with the human dynamics for corporate purpose, proactive collaboration, optimal performance, sustainable success and contribution to the world.

Strong, Compassionate Leadership

There is an increasing need for leaders, coaches and consultants to be present in such a way that transformation can occur. However, according to PwC, ‘Only 8% of leaders in business organizations possess the required leadership capability to lead their organization through transformation.’ (The Hidden Talent, PwC, 2015). Given the current global pandemic, this matters now more than ever before.

Evolution Inside Out has decades of experience and expertise in coaching, facilitation, consulting and mentoring. To see what previous clients have said about both in-person and virtual courses and coaching sessions, please see the Testimonials page.

If you would like to explore further, please get in touch.

Caterpillar transforming into a butterfly

Systemic Coaching – Counselling – Mentoring

Systemic Embodied Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling

With decades of experience and study in the fields of counselling and mentoring, I offer deep coaching to all my clients and work with you quickly form a bond of trust and openness where you feel safe to explore your inner world.

With over 30 years’ experience in bereavement counselling, both at individual and organisational level, I have written several books on the subject of bereavement. Particularly at this unprecedented COVID-19 time, please do get in touch if you need support.

As a mentor, I have assisted people with career transitions, cultural transformation work, and myriad life challenges and changes.

If you would like to know more, please contact me to have an initial conversation.

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